I could say a lot about myself. I have done so much things in my life. But I can tell that my first obsession (I say first because I’m a passionate woman 🙂 ) is sex. Or should I say “men”? You would say it’s the same in one sense. Early in my teenegerhood, I started to write about how to seduce boys. I was very conscientious about what strategies can be applied to approach the opposite gender. Since this time, I had  to practice in the same time of courses. Seducing men. All my life I have met many men till today. Sometimes, I found love  but I especially had a lot of sex but always in an elegant and respectful way. So I became a courtesan and an erotic photo model which is in relation of being a courtesan because it’s the same. Seducing men or the camera is still seducing. I read a lot about the human behavior in seduction. I even wrote a book (in french) on a call girl’s experience. Well, I have a little bit of knowledge of the matter. I think that still, there are too much taboos regarding the subject so I decided to write this blog. Enjoy!


8 comments on “ABOUT

  1. Et maintenant….que dois-je faire…l’attente est une vertu du soumis, mais…c’est Ă  vous de le dĂ©ciser


    • Ce que tu dois faire? Ce n’est pas en publique (sur mon blog) que je te rĂ©pondrai. En effet mon blog est une fenĂŞtre vers le monde mais en ce qui concerne les demandes privĂ©es, elles restent privĂ©es 🙂


    • en commençant par me contacter sur facebook par exemple. Eve Heaven (maitresse). Fais une demande d’amis mais donne moi ton pseudo d’abord car je n’accepte pas tt le monde


  2. Bonjour,
    Il me serait agréable de me présenter à vous pour vous servir de source de plaisir, respectueusement à vous


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